Our company in the context of land registry studies has staffed a department consisting of highly trained staff specialized in the preparation of land registry studies.

The drafting of the land register (“land registration “) of an area is defined as the procedure for recording rights in rem or other registered rights (e.g. full or small ownership, profit, impairment or other weight in rem, etc.) of natural or legal persons in immovable property in a particular area of the country and the connection of these rights to a specific immovable property(s), as defined and illustrated following control and technical processing procedures in the cadastral diagrams.

A number of legal information (registration and identity of the rightholder, method of obtaining the right, elements of the act by which the right has been acquired, etc.) shall also be recorded when recording a right in rem. In addition, the land areas are shown in the cadastral diagrams in an absolute way with specific peak coordinates in the National Geodesic Reference System (EGSA 87), border lines and areas.

Our company is carrying out this period the land registry in the regional units of Kos, Rodos, Kalymnos and Karpathos.

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