Welcome to Orio Meletitiki Ε.Ε.The company

We are an engineering consulting company, founded in 2006 in Athens and provides integrated services in the design of infrastructure projects, specializing in transport and hydraulic projects. , continuous improvement of the services we provide, and dedication to learning we have evolved into a reliable team of engineers


In 2000 the Surveyors Engineers Karageorgopoulos Christos and Siomos Antonios created a technical office for the study of public and private works. In 2006 as a development of the technical office, the company Boundary Study was founded, with the aim of participating in interdisciplinary projects, covering the fields of Topographical, Transport and Hydraulic Studies. Since 2014 with the inclusion of new executives, the company also covers the fields of Static, Geotechnical, Geological and Environmental Studies, thus completing the full range of studies required for the design of infrastructure projects.